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Sleeve Gastrectomy (Weight Loss Surgery) Only For $ 7750!

For weight loss surgeries, we propose you the most successful results with the best surgeons at their area, in Istanbul, Turkey. Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery is recently the most preferred and newest method in comparison with Gastric Bypass surgery.

Special offer for Sleeve Gastrectomy + Pre-op Tests + Services in ONE PACKAGE!

Sleeve Gastrectomy is the best and most recommended surgical method for weight loss meant to achieve the ideal weight. It is also the safest type of obesity surgery and provides the most permanent solution.

The gastric sleeve operation provides 40% to 50% extra weight loss within the first 6 months of the procedure.

How much does Sleeve Gastrectomy cost in other countries?

To get the body you have always dreamed of, we are offering surgical solutions with affordable prices in Istanbul, Turkey where the success rate is higher than the other countries.

You are going to have a chance to have the best treatment in Istanbul with the most successful Bariatric Surgery team. Our obesity treatments have very high success rates. We have more than 40 patients monthly.

You can find the package details below:

* Services are only provided for the patients who have bought weight loss surgery package.

Airport Pick Up:  Once you send us your flight information, we are going to arrange your airport pick up and we are going to do your transfer to hotel safely.

Transfers between hotel-hospital:  All the transfers from hotel to hospital or from hospital to hotel are going to be arranged by our team during your procedures.

24/7 Assistance Service: With our expert team, you can reach us for all your questions, medical information or any further assistance. Our team is going to support you throughout the whole treatment process and guide you in the best way.

Translator Support: You will not be alone during the procedure. Our translator who can speak in your language is going to be with you from the beginning to the end of your procedure. You can freely ask all of your questions to the doctor and learn every detail from the medical staff in the hospital with our translator support.

* If you want, we can organize your accommodation as well.

We are offering the best cost for obesity surgeries in Istanbul, Turkey with unique, personalized treatment plan. Consultations during the whole treatment plan can be prepared for FREE.

Sleeve Gastrectomy is performed laparoscopic and it removes the part of the stomach that produces Ghrelin, which is a hormone that stimulates appetite. Furthermore with this method, reducing the size of stomach also prevents you from overeating.

In the treatment of obesity, the target is not only losing weight, but also achieving the most ideal weight and making the weight loss permanent for obese patient. That’s why, Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery is the most recommended solution.

*Besides Sleeve Gastrectomy, the patient can choose other types of obesity surgery with variable prices. Duration of treatment may vary according to the condition of patient.

  • Gastric Balloon (approximately $ 3500)
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery (approximately $ 7850)
  • Gastric Banding (Lap Band) (approximately $ 7800)
  • Gastric Plication (approximately $ 6000)

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight for adult men and women. Your BMI is calculated by dividing body weight (kg) to height (m²). This value is independent of age and gender.

BMI values are listed below according to the categories of ‘underweight’, ‘healthy weight’, ‘overweight’ and ‘obese’.

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